QA Clauses

Quality Clauses for Suppliers

RIGHT OF ACCESS: ABLE Aerospace Adhesives and its customers/or regulatory agencies reserves the right to inspect any or all of the materials or quality of work included in this order subject to Able AA  customer contract at the suppliers plant.

QUALITY SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: The supplier shall have in place a program that conforms to one of the following (unless actual sub-clause is specified on Purchase Order):

QC 2.1 MIL-Q-9858A, Quality Program Requirements

QC 2.2 MIL-I-45208A, Inspection System Requirements

QC 2.4 ISO9001: 2008

QC 2.5 AS9100C


Each shipment shall be accompanied by a Safety Data Sheet and a certification stating that the items were manufactured in conformance with the purchase order.

The manufacturing data is on file for examination (retained for seven years minimum).  Certification shall   be dated and signed by the authorized manufacture representative.
CHANGE IN PRODUCT DEFINITION: Supplier must notify ABLE AA of any changes in product and /or process definition, change of suppliers or manufacturing location.
SPECIFIC COMPLIANCE: The supplier shall certify all materials, processes and finished items supplied under this order were inspected, tested and found to comply with the requirements of this order.
SHELF LIFE: The supplier shall certify shelf life and expiration date for material supplied.
RECORD RETENTION/TRACEABILITY: All items furnished on this order shall have documentation on file for at least seven years after delivery to permit traceability of the delivered item back to its original manufacturer.
NOTIFICATION OF NONCONFORMING PRODUCT (DELIVERED) In the event that the supplier discovers an escape of nonconformance product, the supplier must notify ABLE AA in a timely manner. It is ABLE AA responsibility to notify internal organizations, customers, distributors and regulatory authorities.
SUPPLIER CORRECTIVE ACTION: When requested, it is the supplier’s responsibility to provide written effective corrective action response. Supplier may elect to provide corrective action response to ABLE AA on their own documentation or on the ABLE AA provided form. The supplier shall provide a timely written response by the corrective action response date as noted on the request for corrective action.
DOCUMENTATION REQUIREMENTS: ABLE AA purchase order number, identification number, applicable issues of specifications and other relevant technical data, to appear on appropriate supplier documentation (invoices, packing slips, packages and certifications as required).
ACCEPTANCE TEST REPORTS: Include when requested a true copy, signed by a responsible representative of the manufacture, to include the lot/batch #, specification, identification number and test results.  The report shall include all test data required by the individual specification.
PACKAGING: each order of products shall be packaged in individual containers bearing the supplier’s and/or ABLE AA part number. Materials are to be shipped in containers in keeping with good commercial practices to preclude any damages being incurred during shipping and storage at supplier’s plant. Each package shall be identified with ABLE AA purchase order number on the outer container.
COUNTERFEIT PARTS CONTROL. All suppliers that use lower tier suppliers, including distributors, are required to attest to the authenticity of products from your respective sources of supply. Suppliers receiving materials and parts from lower tier suppliers, including distributors, must take immediate steps to verify that the stated manufacturer of any component is the actual manufacturer. Compliance shall be stated in the supplier’s Certificate of Conformance or by a separate certificate.